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weedingwall asked: "Purely out of curiosity, are you raising baby Aria on a vegan diet? I'm always curious to hear people's responses and their reasonings since it's such a personal choice but also such a controversial topic in the realm of child development."

I will definitely be raising her (at least) vegetarian and since I am breast feeding (at least) the first year and I’ll be making her baby food myself, I’ll have her vegan for awhile. But as she gets older I am not going to burden her and force the vegan lifestyle onto her. I believe that veganism is not just a diet (whatsoever), it’s a lifestyle. I don’t believe a child has the capability to completely grasp that lifestyle and I would never want her to feel guilty or like she had to uphold these high standards all on her own. She will be mostly vegan in my household, and I will make her lunches and snacks when she goes out to be mostly vegan, but if she is at a friend’s house and accidentally has something like a chicken nugget I am not going to condemn her and make her feel like an animal murderer, that is not fair for a child and too much for her to understand at a young age. She will understand vegan values, and why I choose to be vegan, and I will of course hope that one day she will want to keep it up and be vegan herself. But if she does not, I will still love her just as much.

That said, like I said before, in my house she will eat my food because it is my morals and I will uphold them. 

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